1.) The obvious is you can save a great deal of money. Shopping with Cheap Chic Couture will also save you time. These days, many people don’t have time to sort through racks and piles of clothes. At Cheap Chic Couture we’ve done that for you, and we always offer name brand and designer labels.

2.) Buying Pre-Owned fashion doesn’t just help your wallet - it helps decrease the climate crisis by reducing the need for more manufactured goods. So, when you give a used product a new life, you reduce the emissions associated with manufacturing and decrease the need for new raw materials. Did you know? Over the past 3 years, the purchase of previously owned handbags, instead of new ones, had the same effect as planting over 2 million trees in the fight against global warming! And has reduced greenhouse emissions by 94,000 tons over the same period. Buying used leather goods and new-to-you jewelry also reduces pollution from tanning operations and keeps negative mining impacts to a minimum.

3.) You can often find a “personality piece” that’s unique and one-of-a-kind; just like YOU!